5 Ways to Increase Internet Speed on Windows 11

Your internet connection is not getting always to blame when you're experiencing slow speeds. Often, the problem lies in system settings and apps that are causing your browser or streaming service's usage of data rates at a snail’s pace for no reason.

So, before you upgrade your internet plan to fix the issue consider this article. Upgrading a broadband speed is an effective solution but it should be the last resort. And there are many other tips tricks and fixes which can increase connectivity as well.

5 Ways to Increase Internet Speed on Windows 11

Bandwidth and speed are both very important when it comes to the quality of your connection, but they each have their own specific meaning. BandWidth is a technical term that refers to how many data packets can pass through one channel at once per second. Speed on the other hand refers more specifically only to internet connectivity; whereas bandwidth helps define whether someone has enough space for an increase in traffic which leads them back towards having faster page loads or response times from websites etcetera.

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Internet Speed and Bandwidth Difference

Difference Between Internet Speed and Bandwidth

Bandwidth refers to the amount of transferrable data and speed is how fast that can have sent over a network. A higher bandwidth generally results in more stable connections. Even when many devices have connected on one shared internet connection at once.

When you have more than one device connected to the same network, they will all use some bandwidth. This means that if there are certain programs or devices in your house consuming lots of data then slower internet may result!

Why Is My Internet Connection Getting Slow?

Why My Internet Connection Slow

When you notice that your internet is slower than expected, there's a bunch of reasons why. This article will help when it comes to fixing the problem and also telling if it's something we should have noticed before or not!

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) could be the culprit behind slow speeds- but first things first: How do I know my connection isn't just fine? Here are some quick fixes for those who suspect their ISPs might be dragging them down...

  • Here are some reasons that might be slowing down your internet connection.

  • Too many devices are connected to a network at the same time.

  • The bandwidth of your network is not configured properly.

  • More distance from the ISP, the more the distance the more the time to transfer data rate.

  • Weak Wifi Signal, because away from wifi signals.

  • Broken internet cable or malfunctioning devices.

  • Your internet device runs many apps in the background that can consume internet data and slow down your internet connection speed.

If you're experiencing bad internet connectivity, the first thing to do is identify where the problem lies. If it's in your house then head to that fix! You'll have more success if execute each step after each other for a quick troubleshooting process. But these are all fixes so don't worry too much when trying them out one by one either way just get solving as many problems at once as possible.

First Method: Make Your Bandwidth Limit For Updates From Computer Settings

In order to increase internet speed, you can manually set a lower bandwidth both for uploads and downloads in case that Windows 11 is getting slow. You also have the option of disabling updates being sent from your device as well as those going out simultaneously on other laptops or desktop computers connected wirelessly through Wi-Fi networks at home.

Step 01: To limit the bandwidth, press Windows+X to launch the Quick Access menu. Right-click on the ‘Start’ icon in Taskbar or go through Settings with one click by pressing the WINDOWS+I key on the keyboard.

Increase internet speed in window 11

Step 02: Now select the "Windows Update" Options tab from the left of the setting page.

ncrease Internet Speed on Windows 11

Step 03: Now you select "Advanced Options" from the right side.

Increase Internet Speed on Windows 11

Step 04: Now locate and click on "Delivery Optimization" and this option is under "Additional Option".
5 Ways to Increase Internet Speed on Windows 11

Step 05: Delivery Optimization has an option that keeps sending your Windows updates and app data to other computers connected to your Internet, So turn this option OFF.
Increase Internet Speed on Windows 11
Step 06: Now in the same window you will find "Advance Option" at the bottom which you can click to reduce the bandwidth used for downloading on your computer.    
Increase Internet Speed on Windows 11

Step 07: After coming to "Advance Option" you should enable the following settings so that your internet connection manages the required speed for downloading and uploading.
Increase Internet Speed on Windows 11

Step 08: If you want to share updates with other users on the same network, there's a slider that allows limited bandwidth. Simply check off both boxes and drag them down until your desired limit is reached!
Increase Internet Speed on Windows 11

You can improve your internet speed from normal by simply setting this in your Windows 11.

Second Method: Close Extra Background Programs From "Task Manager"

The internet is like any other service, When you run an app that consumes bandwidth. It can slow down the web speed for everyone else who's trying to use it at once and uses up extra data each month on their plan. Which could lead them to surcharges if they go over limits set out by their carrier (or get charged even more). It may not seem fair or right but there isn't much we can do about this shortcoming in our current system. All efforts must be put towards increasing usage so as long as people keep downloading things online then nothing will change!

Step 01: Windows includes a hidden "Task Manager" menu that you can access by right-clicking on the Start icon, pressing WINDOWS + X. To open up Quick Access/Power User options, and then selecting ' TaskManage' from this list. You can also, hold CTRL+SHIFT+ESC together which will launch "Task Manager" directly.
Close Extra Background Programs From Task Manager
Step 02: Navigate to the Task Manager and click on ‘Performance’. Clicking Open Resource Monitor will open a window with information about your system, including how many processor cores are being used by individual processes or programs currently running in memory.
Close Extra Background Programs From "Task Manager"

Step 03: The Resource Monitor window is a great way to see what programs are using network traffic and affect internet speeds. If you have an app with higher values under Send or Receive, look out for them and close it.
Increase Internet Speed on Windows 11

Do not end every process on this list--some can cause major problems if left unchecked. OR running without interruption from other tasks between uses (Like Web Browsers). When terminating these types of applications though, there needs careful consideration since stopping one instance might mean another instance will keep going due to lack temporary.

Method 3: Disable Windows Defender Firewall

Windows Defender firewall is a necessary protection for your computer, but it can also cause major issues with internet speed. If you experience slowdowns and ping times that affect gameplay or other aspects of daily life. Then we recommend disabling the firewall until they are resolved as this may be considered an error message from Microsoft's anti-cheat software (anti-virus).

Note: There were follow-up steps, then there were Windows Defender firewalls. If you have a third-party firewall installed, you can disable it by default Windows Firewall.

Step 01: To disable Windows Firewall in Windows 11, you need to press the WINDOWS + S keys simultaneously with the keyboard so that you can open the search menu. 

Now in this search menu, you have to type 'Windows Defender Firewall'. You will soon be presented with the ‘Windows Defender Firewall’ option, which you can click to proceed.
Window Defender

Step 02: To turn Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off, select from the list on the left side.
Windows defender firewall
Step 03: In the new window that opens, turn off the 'Turn off Windows Defender Firewall' on both public and private network settings. Then save your settings by clicking the Ok button below.
Windows defender firewall 1

After disabling the Windows Defender Firewall, check if there’s an increase in your internet speed. If it isn't, be sure to enable it immediately!

Method 4: Use Any Other Web Browser

It's possible that your internet connection is too slow. In this case, it’s recommended to switch browsers and use Google Chrome instead of Microsoft Edge or Opera for better browsing. The best way if you're having problems navigating on the web due in large part to being unable to load pages quickly enough could be switching over browser types altogether. Try out some options like Google Chromium which has been known as one of the fastest available today; alternatively, there are other excellent choices such as Mozilla Firefox.

Method 5: You can Upgrade Your Internet Plan

You may be left with the “last resort”- upgrading your internet plan. Your Internet Service Provider should offer other plans that have higher speeds and are more suitable for you. But this option would not always be as cost-effective in comparison with others on their roster of offerings. But, it is important to note that making an upgrade can really boost productivity when working from home due to time efficiency being. One key factor among many others which contribute towards success at work!

Final Thoughts

These are the best solutions to increase your internet speed on Windows 11. But, there are other tricks that would work for different users and they all have their own pros/cons when it comes down to tweaking our connection cable. In order to find out why you're experiencing slow loading times or buffering issues with videos online. Different people encounter different problems so if this sounds like something wrong then try another fix before giving up hope entirely!


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