How to Hide or Minimize Sticky Notes in Window 11

Sticky Notes has an app that has to be a lot of potentials, but it's been neglected by the Windows community. You can use this program to create post it like notes on your computer and then stick them anywhere for quick access later. It may not seem very important at first glance because you could just as easily write down information without creating something from scratch in Sticky Note. But what if there was a way we all contributed our thoughts together rather? That would make everything so much simpler no matter who needs info when or where they do.

How to Hide or Minimize Sticky Notes in Window 11

Sticky Notes have to be a Windows application that you don’t need to get this software online, individually for your computer. It's part of your personal computer by default that's why most users can get by with Sticky Note because it has many shortcomings but still it's getting the job done in an easy way for any user. All one needs to do is open up their note, type out what they want, and then hit “print” when finished writing on paper or digitally via Microsoft OneNote.

There have to be many ways to minimize the sticky notes app, but not as comfortable and easy to use. And this is my previous difficulty with Sticky Notes not living up to their potential. However, having personal convictions aside here's how you can still maximize your desktop space without closing them.

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Click on the Taskbar for Sticky Notes

In Windows 10, it used to be that clicking on the taskbar icon for Sticky Notes would bring all of your desktop’s sticky notes into view. Unfortunately, this feature has been removed in 11 though- now only certain kinds of notes can act as temporary Desknotes by default; which just doesn't make sense because most people want their whole screen covered with scribbles!

Now there is a simple and easy way to hide or minimize your open sticky note on the Desktop. Click on the taskbar icon and it will be hidden or minimized from the screen. Just click again inside of Stickies, or from any other application that may have been running in the background when you clicked its corresponding button down below-stairs (yes ladies too).

Click on the Taskbar for Sticky Notes

"Show Desktop" Option from Taskbar 

It's not always easy to remember how many sticky notes are open on your computer desktop. That is unless you have the perfect solution for minimizing them or hiding them in a single go! All that needs doing now is maximizing one note at a time while simultaneously clicking each respective button next to minimize all other visible items (it'll be like magic).

To do this, hover your mouse over the rightmost end of the taskbar on the computer screen. When you move the mouse a little over this place, it will tell you 'Show Desktop', then when you click on that place, it will take you straight to the desktop of the computer screen.

All types of sticky notes and other windows on the computer screen will be minimized. This means that if you have more than one window open at once. So this method might not work for all of them and only certain ones are selected to remain visible when disabled by default as it is operated through right-click menus or keyboard shortcuts.

Use "Hide All Notes" from the Taskbar Jump List

Sticky notes are a great way to keep track of what you need when it is due and how much time has passed. That's why we want them available at all times! But sometimes they can be cumbersome if there are too many open on your computer screen or in other windows. This is where minimizing comes in handy.

To do this process, hover your mouse over the Sticky Notes on the taskbar, and then right-click. A list will open in front of you with the option of 'Hide All Notes'. Clicking on it will hide all the Sticky Notes on your desktop screen.

Hide sticky notes
Now if you want All Sticky Notes to have to be brought back to the Desktop. Then hover your mouse over the Sticky Notes icon and then right-click. A jump list will reappear in front of you from the taskbar on the desktop. In this, you have to click on the 'Show all notes' option.

Final Thoughts

We'll continue with Sticky Notes. Sticky Note is a very simple program that Windows 10 users should know about. Sticky Notes allow you to write and save reminders and notes for yourself and then attach them to your desktop. Sticky Notes is a handy app that lets you take notes on your PC. When I first started using it, the interface felt dated but now with some improvements here and there StikyNotes has become one of my favorite ways to organize thoughts for school or work!

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