How To Play Games On Netflix

Netflix has been exploring the idea of gaming for some time now, and as such it's not surprising that this new addition is available on Android users. By downloading Netflix video games from Google Play Store you will be able to enjoy your favorite pastime with friends or loved ones anywhere in the world!

How To Play Games On Netflix

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The launch of the Netflix app on iOS is currently delayed, but it will be a great addition for those who have been eagerly awaiting its release. It won't work with current streaming services and you can’t access games from within this new iPad optimized version just yet.

When it does launch, the implementation might also be slightly different on Android. For example, games could have a separate app store and not come pre-loaded onto Netflix's existing portal for accessing content from smartphones or tablets running Google Play Store.

How to access Netflix games on an Android phone or tablet

Follow the steps below to play games on your Android smartphones through the Netflix platform.

Step 01: Sign up for and launch Netflix on your device

To enjoy all of Netflix's great games, you need to subscribe. Sign up for a membership and download the app on your phone or tablet!

Step 02: Look for the games row or games tab

On an Android phone, you will see both a dedicated games row and tab on the Netflix home screen. In tablet mode, there is one more option in the categories dropdown which contains all kinds of video game-related content from different genres like fighting games or Role Playing Games (RPG).

Step 03. Select your game to download and play

You can easily find and download the game you want to play. Just tap on your desired app in Google Play, then press "Get Game" followed by clicking Go to Google Play Store. With this process, you actually be able to download the game from the google play store and install it on your NetFlix premium account to play.

What to do if you can’t see the Netflix games tab

There's an easy way to get access to Netflix games, but it’s not available for everyone yet. The platform will be gradually rolling out so even if you can't find the option just now don't worry - there are plenty of other options in Google Play!

Netflix has a long list of awesome games, including Stranger Things: 1984 and the newest release from Netflix called “Stranger Things 3.” This game will keep gamers hooked for hours on end with its addictive gameplay. 

If you have access to an internet-enabled phone or tablet then download one now so you can play right away without ever entering through your account settings within the streaming service app itself.

Just like how people who use offline video players still need accounts because they don't want videos taking up space online even if saved locally rather than downloading anywhere else first before playing later at home when there's bandwidth available again (like during school/work times).

Everything else you need to know about Netflix games

Netflix has a number of video games that are available to stream on all their plans, and they aren’t any extra charge. This means you can enjoy playing them without paying for an additional Premium service!

You’ll have a new tailor-made gaming experience with no ads or in-app purchases. Every profile on your account can access all of the games (except for kids), and offline capabilities mean you won't be left out when there's no internet connection!

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