How to Enable Windows 11 UI Styles in Your Web Browser

With the new design language introduced with Windows 11, apps have finally caught up and adapted a more consistent user experience. However, there are still some areas that need work in order for it to be perfect such as rounded corners on windows which can lead users into confusion when using their app's windowed mode or not having an option at all rather than just showing "close" buttons instead of switching back and forth between full screen/window modes depending on if you want one big picture inside another smaller box-like before; this inconsistency makes things harder than necessary because we don't know what style will come next.

How to Enable Windows 11 UI Styles in Your Web Browser

In the modern world, we have to deal with a lot of technicalities that can be quite frustrating. At times like these, you might want an easier option and luckily for us Chrome and Edge allow users to change their interfaces so they are less sharp-edged which in turn makes everything more aesthetically pleasing!

Chrome is a great browser on its own, but if you want to go the extra mile and customize your experience for Microsoft Edge then we got just what’s needed.

Method 01: To Enable Windows 11 UI Elements Use Chrome Flags 

The Chrome Flags register is an experimental tool that will allow you to tweak only the user interface elements. You shouldn't have any problems using this browser in your day-to, but if for some reason it does pose one then we're here with answers!

Step 01: Launch these browsers to change the menu style of your Chrome browser or Microsoft Edge browser.

To Enable Windows 11 UI Elements Use Chrome Flags

Step 02: To reach the Chrome flags page, enter this address in your browser's navigation bar and press Enter on the keyboard.


To Enable Windows 11 UI Elements Use Chrome Flags

Step 03: As you type these words into the address bar of the Chrome browser, the browser settings will open in front of you. When you type Windows 11 in the search bar at the top, you will see something like this. In which you have to enable the 'Enabled-All Windows Versions' option.

To Enable Windows 11 UI Elements Use Chrome Flags

Final Step: When you're done making changes, click on the relaunch button at the bottom right to let them take effect.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we will show you how to enable Windows 11 UI Styles only in the Google Chrome browser. But if you use Microsoft Edge. So you write the exact same procedure in the address bar of your Microsoft Edge browser and the same option that I enabled in Google Chrome, you enable it in other browsers in the same way. Windows 11 UI Styles styles will apply.


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