How to make Windows 11 look like Windows 7

Windows 11 made a whole new world of possibilities available to everyone. New features, tools, and apps were just the beginning. With its modernized look, it became easier than ever before for anyone who wanted access. The redesign, introduced by Microsoft itself, does not suit everyone's tastes and tastes. 

How to make Windows 11 look like Windows 7

Some people think that they are thirsty for the days of Windows 7 even though they are running on the days of Windows 11. And their screens have a very different shape compared to today's sleek tiles. Which is reminiscent of how the buttons in the early laptop computers. Less, but they were faster than the more modern models because they were not. Lots of complex functions are needed to get things done fast enough when we were all using our laptops instead of desktops. 

In this article,  will show you a selection of the best and free utilities. As well as how to use the tools built into Windows by itself so that the operating system can change its current look. This is great because it gives users classic design elements like buttons on the screen as well as advanced security features. That makes everything easier for them by giving them visual cues while pressing keyboard keys instead of any. Also, save space instead of having physical space.

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Turn Windows 11 into Windows 7

The most notable change in Windows 11 is moving the Start button and other apps to the center of the screen. Microsoft have to be made this task extremely easy for these users. Who want things back as they did in previous versions of Windows by allowing them to convert Windows 11 to Windows 7 with simple and easy steps.

Step 01: Right-click on an empty space in the Windows 11 taskbar. From here you will come across an option called Taskbar setting, you have to click on this option.

taskbar setting

Step 02: From the settings that open in front of you, you have to click on the "Taskbar Behavior" option.

task baar setting

Step 03: After doing this step you need to get this software "StartAllBack" that can help you to turn your windows 11 into windows 7. This is one of the best ways to experience Windows 7 for yourself is to install StartAllBack software on your Windows 11 PC. This app allows you close-up views and UI mimicry. So that when a user clicks on their start menu or taskbar, it brings them back into what feels like an old version – but only if paid $4.99.


Step 04: After getting this software you need to install this app on your computer, select the Windows 7 option in the Welcome section to restore your old Windows 7 Start menu. You can customize things further by working through different menus. Including the Taskbar which lets you quickly open an application or document. 



Step 05: ٰIn the start menu is where you can easily choose which shortcuts are most useful for your needs. You may also opt to add menus so that many items appear as tabs when clicked with a mouse or tap on the Windows Phone 8s' screen. This section in particular lets users customize the look and feel of their taskbar buttons.

Windows 11 is an operating system that combines aspects of Windows 7 and 10. This can be done simply by deselecting the Use Enhanced Classic Jump List option in the right-click menu. While also including more modern features like menu choices for desktop context menus or other settings under "Explorer" > and then classic context menu settings. This allows you to choose between new and old styles when clicking on objects. 


Microsoft is pushing the use of Settings over Control Panels, but some people still miss it. They argue that Microsoft may not always provide an option for you in their various apps and programs if there isn't one already built into your OS itself.

Windows has a Control Panel that you can access by pressing Windows + R at the same time, then typing "control" in the Run dialog which will open up. You can also want to make this easier in the future you just right-click its taskbar button and select the pin to the taskbar side.

Step 6: Clicking on the Windows 7 option will change all settings from Windows 11 to Windows 7, as you can see in the picture.

Windows 11 has been designed from scratch, and as such contains many features missing in Windows 7. This includes extra elements that can be tricky to find or use without guidance from an expert for example. The new Start menu appears only after clicking on "All apps" which takes you straight back down into folders containing common programs installed by default. Rather than having 'system' settings like Administrator privileges being one click away at all times. You'll have them activated when needed.

Step 07: Windows 11 contains many components and features that were not found in Windows 7. So there are extra elements scattered throughout this new operating system.

Windows 11 includes Widgets (press Windows + W to bring the Widget panel into view). But you can still check out some of your old Gadgets by installing 8GadgetPack.

The Windows 7 operating system used to have its own set of customizable gadgets called "Gadgets." These were fun little programs that let users customize parts on their desktop or laptop computer's display like clocks, CPU meters, and more with just one click! However, Microsoft discontinued support for these things back in April 2015 when it came time to update their newest version.

StartAllBack 6

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, with the help of this article, you can convert your Windows 11 to Windows 10 or 7. This type of software is introduced because people who change their mind after installing Windows 11 and want to switch to Windows 10 or Windows 7, you do not need to install Windows. You are able to do this with the software "StartAllBack".


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