Top 6 SEO Extensions for Google Chrome in 2023

 As a professional SEO, you know that staying on top of the latest changes and trends is essential to success. That's why Chrome extensions are such an important tool in your arsenal. They allow you to quickly and easily check key metrics and make changes right from your browser. 

SEO Extensions

So, if you're looking for some new SEO Extensions for Google Chrome to help with your SEO work. Then look no further! Here are the Top 06 SEO Extensions for Google Chrome available in the Google store.

SEO Extensions for Google Chrome have featured programs that can have to be installed in a browser to modify or change the browser’s functioning. Chrome extensions are similar programs that modify Chrome’s workability. It involves the addition of new features or the modification of existing features of the program. This is why to make it function in a manner that is convenient for you. 

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SEO Extensions for Google Chrome

In this article, we are going to talk about the top 6 Google Chrome SEO Extensions that are the most popular in the market today. 

1. SEOquack SEO Extensions for Google Chrome

SEOquack is one of the best search engine optimization extensions for your Google Chrome browser. We say this because we have first-hand experience with this SEO extension. The best thing about this extension is that it is free. Semrush has developed it, and it has many great features. Such as, it helps you with keyword analysis and provides critical SEO metrics.

And a complete search engine optimization audit of the website page you visit. It can be any website page, and the extension will provide you with all these features. The best part of the SEOquack extension is that you do not have to activate a Semrush subscription to avail most benefits of this extension.

2. Mangools Best SEO Extensions for Google Chrome


If you want to perform a thorough SEO analysis of a webpage. So Mangools SEO Extension is what you need. It is a great tool for performing a quick and thorough SEO analysis. It can include trend metrics, authority, key-on-page SEO data, backlink analysis, and rank tracking.

Mangools SEO Extension provides you with the essential data of their popular SEO tools package straight into your browser. While providing you with the ability to use the tools for in-depth analysis at any time. The SEO tools package includes SERP Checker, KWFinder, LinkMiner, and similar features. 

Mangools browser extension also has many advanced features and smart context menu integrations available in Google SERP. Such as shortcuts to analyze backlinks, localized results, and the URL profile. Although Mangools SEO Extension works excellent for Google Chrome Extension. And page speed checks work brilliantly if you have an active Mangools subscription. 

3. FindThatLead Extension


We have a solution for you if you are struggling with your outreach. One of the most common and effective ways to generate contextual backlinks is blogger outreach. But it is not an easy process. It is difficult in a context where first, you have to identify the influencers and bloggers in your niche. You would like to work with them and then find their email address to contact them and start your outreach.

FindThatLead's Chrome Extension saves you all this hassle. It helps you find the correct emails on your LinkedIn profile or another website. Not only this, but if you get verified with FindThatLead, you will automatically know if the generated email is correct or not. This Google Chrome Extension's free plan gives 50 free credits per month. So, if you plan to send outreach emails, then FindThatLead is a must-have.

4. GrowthBar Extension


GrowthBar Chrome Extension provides you easy access to any critical SEO data points of any website. While unlocking the keywords and growth channels working for them. You can also do keyword research and Search Engine Optimization research from your Google Browser.

This extension lets you explore any website's top-ranking keywords, domain authority, page word count, Facebook ads, backlink data, and keyword ranking difficulty score. You have to type in your query at Google Search Engine, and the GrowthBar immediately provides you with a treasure trove of SEO metrics and insights that help improve your search rankings.

You can use GrwowthBar for free for five days only. Its paid version costs you about $29 per month. Once your free trial is over, you either have to upgrade to the paid version with countless features or continue using the free version. GrowthBar Chrome Extension's free version allows you access to basic SEO metrics, including domain authority, ranking difficulty score, and organic traffic, while everything else will be locked.

5. VidIQ Vision for Youtube Extension


This Google Chrome Extension is one of the leading YouTube SEO tools in the e-Market today. If you want your videos to rank well on YouTube and generate more views and subscribers, the vidIQ Chrome Extension is all you need. 

VidIQ works by working with YouTube Analytics to get you insights into getting more subscribers and views on YouTube. This SEO Extension also lets you perform a channel audit. That shows you what's working well for your content and what areas of your channel need improvements. It can also provide insights into your competitors' actions to generate more subscribers and views on YouTube.

VidIQ Chrome Extension has both the free version and paid version. Its free version includes vidIQ Score, vidIQ Competitors Tool, Channel Audit, etc. In an exclusive offer. But to unlock and use premium features and higher limits for the longer term, you have to activate the paid version. 

6. Hunter Email Finder Chrome Extension

Hunter Email Finder

Hunter Chrome Extension is a kind of email finder that helps you find email addresses associated with the websites you visit. Other than email addresses, it can also get you names, social networks, phone numbers, and job titles. Its free plan gets you 50 free credits per month. 

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of SEO Extensions for Google Chrome to choose from. But not all extensions will work as well. The top 6 most popular SEO Extensions in the market today that we found on an extensive search include SEOquack Extension, Mangools SEO Extension, FindThatLead Extension, GrowthBar Extension VidIQ Vision for Youtube extension, and more.

In order to help you find the best possible fit for your company’s needs, read through our list before making any decisions about which extensions you want to use or purchase. We hope this article has been helpful!

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