6 Best Infographic Submission Sites in 2023

 Infographic submission sites are just one of the many ways that you can get your infographic in front of people, but they’re often overlooked. Today, we’re going to go over 6 of the best infographic submission sites, along with what makes them so great. Not only will this help you get more traffic to your site.

6 Best Infographic Submission Sites in  2023

Some of the best infographic submission sites in 2022 include websites such as Visual, Infographics Showcase, and Daily Infographic. These websites allow users to submit their infographics for free. And the infographics are then shared with the website's audience. Also, these websites feature top infographics from around the web. So users can learn about the latest and greatest infographics.

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What are Infographic Submission Sites?

An infographic (information graphic) is a data visualization tool used to communicate a message. It uses images, icons, and text to depict complex information quickly and clearly.   The purpose of an infographic is to help people understand and remember complex information. 

They are often used to present data, research findings, and complex concepts. Infographics can be used in a variety of mediums, including print, online, and video.   Infographics are popular because they are engaging and easy to understand. They can help people quickly understand a topic or idea. Infographics can also be shared easily on social media and other online platforms. 

Best Infographic Submission Sites in  2022

There are a lot of sites on the internet that you can use to submit your infographics for free. To promote your infographic, you need to place it on different websites so that search engines will pick it up. If you are looking for good places to get backlinks and traffic, go through the list below. All these sites allow you to submit your infographic absolutely free.

1) Listverse Is A Best Infographic Submission Site

Listverse is one of my favorite infographic submission sites for one reason. It’s a well-trafficked site that doesn’t get with infographics on a daily basis. Their daily readership is over 2 million, and they only publish around 100 new articles per day. With that kind of number, you can expect to have your infographic submitted in under two weeks. 

Even less if you play your cards right. Overall, they are one of the best infographic submission sites because they take pride in their content. This means more often than not your infographic will be posted very quickly. It also helps that their listicles do very well on social media platforms like Facebook.

2) Visual.ly

When you’re looking for an infographic submission site, it doesn’t get any better than Visual. Unlike other sites on our list, Visual.ly isn’t just a place to submit infographics. It allows you to create your own infographic without leaving their site and has a very robust platform that rivals other tools. If you want to create awesome infographics quickly and easily, Visual.ly is definitely your best bet. 

It also has its own library of graphics and templates, so if you need more time or are trying to branch out in a new direction, head over there first. Don’t limit yourself to posting only at Visual.ly; make sure to check out its sister site BizVizz as well! It focuses more on B2B topics, but most infographic submission sites accept submissions from all types of businesses.

3) Piktochart

Piktochart has a user-friendly interface that’s ideal for beginners. In addition to offering drag-and-drop design capabilities. It offers a library of icons, stock photos, and templates that you can save for future use. It also integrates with Google Drive, so you can easily share your infographic on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter once it’s complete. 

If you want to go pro with your infographic creation, then consider upgrading to Piktochart Pro. With an all-access pass, you can access over 1 million images and more advanced functionality like data visualizations, video embedding, and custom domains. 

4) Venngage

Venngage is one of our favorite tools for creating infographics. You can upload images, icons, or illustrations to create your own custom graphics and/or use one of their templates. In addition to being easy to use, Venngage gives you several share options, making it easy to embed your infographic on social media sites. 

This makes it easy for people who visit your page from a link to repost it if they like what they see. As part of its setup process, Venngage lets you choose which content will appear beneath your infographic. This helps you improve your Google ranking by having relevant content on your website at all times.

5) Statista

With over 250 million monthly users, Statista is one of our list's biggest and most useful sites. Though it’s primarily known for its business intelligence stats, it also hosts a wide range of infographics related to various niches. The site regularly features infographics submitted by users, allowing you to reach out to a more engaged audience than with any other platform. 

If your infographic gets selected for publication, you can expect up to two backlinks from partner domains. This might seem like a little, but consider that publications like Search Engine Journal are some of their top content providers. And they receive dozens of links from these sources per month. All in all, it doesn’t hurt to give Statista a try if your goal is getting quality backlinks for your infographic.

6) Canva

One of my favorite tools for creating infographics is Canva. It’s easy to use, has all sorts of cool templates, and is generally inexpensive (unless you want to pay extra for one-on-one training, etc). All in all, it’s a pretty solid tool! 

I highly recommend it if you’re new to infographic creation. OR just want to make your life easier when designing them. HubSpot's Marketing Grader: If you don’t feel like paying for Canva. HubSpot also offers an infographic grading rubric called Marketing Grader that can quickly analyze your images and tell you how well they score against design benchmarks.


In our guide, we took a look at 6 of some of the best infographic submission sites out there. Whether you’re a designer or not, it’s important to understand where you can submit infographics and how best to do so. By creating great content, submitting them in niche relevant places, and spreading your content across different social media channels. 

You’ll be more likely to reach new customers and gain more exposure for your brand.  If you have great content created by experts on your team, then infographic submission is worth looking into further as a strategy.

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