10 Best Google Chrome Extensions That Are Perfect for Everyone

Are you looking for some Google chrome extensions that can be perfect for you? Then you land in the right place. Since its release in 2008, Google Chrome has become one of the most popular browsers in the world. It is known for its speed, security, and extensive features.

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions That Are Perfect for Everyone

Chrome browser is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. And it can have to use to surf the web, work on documents, and manage your online life. While Chrome runs smoothly and is stable.

You can use your Gmail account to track browsing history and save passwords through google chrome. In this article, I'll give you the top 10 best google chrome extensions that are perfect for everyone.

Chrome Extensions are small software programs that can have installed on Google Chrome browsers. Its main purpose of development is to improve user internet surfing experience. These extensions have to be written in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS and can be run on any platform that Chrome supports.

Extensions can do many things, such as modify the appearance of a web page, add new functionality, or collect data about web browsing habits. Extensions are an important part of the Chrome ecosystem. And enable many useful features, such as incognito mode, password managers, and search engines.

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10 Best Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is a popular web browser that offers users a variety of extensions to customize their browsing experience. Extensions are small programs that can have to be installed in Chrome to add new features or change the browser's appearance. There are thousands of extensions available, but 10 of the best are here.

1. INSSIST Chrome Extension for Instagram Users

INSSIST is one of the best tools in Google Chrome extensions that provide filters and editing tools. And also another type of enhancement for Instagram users. It has to create by Cesar Kuriyama, who also developed the 1 Second Everyday app. The extension has to install by over 100,000 times and has received positive reviews from users.


  • INSSIST is a Google Chrome extension that allows users to schedule posts and manage their Instagram account directly from within the Chrome browser.
  • It currently supports all the features of the Instagram app, including uploading photos and videos and editing them with filters. And other tools adding location data and captions and managing followers and following lists.
  • INSSIST also includes a scheduling tool that allows users to create posts in advance and schedule them for release at a later time.
  • The INSSIST extension is open source and available on GitHub.

2. Grammarly Best Google Chrome Extensions for Content writers

If you're a marketer, freelancer, or student, then you know the importance of proper grammar. And if you could improve grammar, you know the importance of using a tool to help you.

That's where Grammarly comes in. Grammarly is a Chrome extension that helps to correct your grammar mistakes. It also offers a plagiarism checker and vocabulary suggestions.

To install Grammarly, search for it and open the Chrome Web Store. Or, type "Grammarly" into the Google web search bar. Once you've installed it, a new icon will appear on your browser toolbar; click on it to launch Grammarly.

When you click on this icon, it opens a new window, and here you sign up on Grammarly and that's. Now you can easily use this extension on every online text editor.


  • The Grammarly Chrome extension is a great tool for improving your writing.
  • It checks for grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and misused words.
  • The extension also provides feedback on your writing style and suggests corrections.
  • The extension is available for free to get from the Chrome Web Store.
  • It can be useful to use Grammarly as part of an editing workflow.

3. VidIQ Chrome Extension for YouTube Users

If you are a YouTuber, then you know how important it is to keep track of your analytics. VidIQ is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to do just that. With VidIQ, you can see how many views your videos have gotten, where they are being watched, and which keywords are being used to find them. You can also use VidIQ to track your competitor's videos.


  • The VidIQ Google Chrome extension is a powerful tool that offers users a variety of features to help them with their YouTube experience.
  • The extension includes a "video intelligence" feature that provides users with data on the performance of their videos. And as well as tips on how to improve their performance.
  • The extension also includes a "video editor" feature that allows users to edit their videos directly from YouTube. And a "video manager" feature that allows users to manage their videos and channels.
  • The VidIQ YouTube Analytics extension is a tool that allows users to view analytics in real time and quickly access statistics regarding their channel, video views, and video playlists.
  • The extension can also be used to analyze the performance of videos on channels and the popularity of videos.

4. Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension for SEO

Keyword Everywhere is a free Google Chrome extension that aids in the best keyword research. It allows you to see what keywords people are searching for and how many search results are returned for those keyword searches.

It also provides a good estimate of the competition level in each search query. Which is very beneficial when choosing your target keywords.


  • Keyword research volume
  • Cost per Click (CPC)
  • The ranking difficulty for over 15 websites like Google

5. GMass Best In Google Chrome Extensions List For Email Marketing Users

GMass is a powerful Chrome extension for Gmail marketers, making it easy to send mass emails. GMass lets you import your Gmail contacts and then easily create and send mass emails.

You can also track the success of your mass emails with GMass's built-in analytics. GMass is a powerful Chrome extension for Gmail marketers, making it easy to send mass emails.


  • You can use SMTP Authentication
  • HTML and Multipart MIME content type Supports for free
  • You can send email marketing campaigns to thousands of email addresses
  • The mail merge option is also available with data from Google Sheets
  • You can easily manage schedule options for your mass email campaigns

6. SimilarWeb Perfect Google Chrome Extensions

SimilarWeb is a website that provides information on website traffic and engagement. The company has released a Google Chrome Extension that allows users to see SimilarWeb data on any website they visit.

The extension also includes a "SimilarWeb ranking" for each website, which measures how engaged the website's audience is.


  • SimilarWeb, a web analytics company, has released a Google Chrome extension. That allows users to access website data and insights directly from their Chrome browsers.
  • The extension provides users with website traffic data, social media engagement stats, and organic search results. It also allows users to compare websites and track competitor movements.
  • With the help of SimilarWeb, you can explore unique visitor data.
  • It offers many features for tracking visitors' interaction with a website, collecting visitor data, and retrieving information.

7. Notion Web Clipper Chrome Extension

There are many different ways to save articles for later reading, but the Notion Web Clipper Google Chrome Extension is one of the best.

It allows you to save articles in various formats, and you can even include notes and tags. The extension is easy to use and a great way to keep track of your reading list.


  • You can save articles by clicking on the extension's icon in your browser toolbar or by right-clicking on an article and selecting "Clip this."
  • The extension lets you clip images and videos by dragging them to the icon.
  • You can also save articles as HTML or PDF files.

8. ColorZilla Chrome Extension

The Notion Web Clipper Chrome Extension is a great way to save articles, images, and videos for later. With the extension installed, you can simply click the notion button in your toolbar to clip any content on a web page.

The clipped content is then saved in your notion account, where you can access it later from any device.


  • The ColorZilla Google Chrome Extension is a great tool for web developers and graphic designers.
  • It allows you to easily get the color of any pixel on a web page.
  • This can be very helpful for determining the colors used on a web page.
  • The extension also includes some other features that can be useful for web developers and graphic designers.
  • This is a free tool for web developers and graphic designers.

9. Wappalyzer Chrome Extension

The Wappalyzer Google Chrome Extension is one of the most helpful tools an online business can have. It is a tool that helps users see what technologies are being used on a website.

This extension is beneficial because it can help businesses understand what technologies they need to learn. To keep up with their competition. Additionally, the extension can help businesses understand how their website performs and what needs improvement.


  • Wappalyzer is a Google Chrome extension that can identify website technologies.
  • It can identify technologies such as content management systems, eCommerce platforms, web servers, and analytics tools.
  • The extension has a database of over 2,500 technologies.
  • It is open-source and contributions are welcome.
  • The extension can be gotten free from the Chrome Web Store.

10. StayFocusd Chrome Extension

StayFocusd is a Google Chrome extension that allows users to set time limits for how long they can use specific websites. Once the time limit is reached, the user is blocked from using the website.

StayFocusd can help users stay focused and productive or distract them from time-wasting websites.


  • Many different Google Chrome extensions are available, and one of the most popular is StayFocusd.
  • StayFocusd is an extension that helps you stay focused on the task at hand by limiting the amount of time you can spend on websites that are not productive.
  • It can be customized to fit your needs, so you can decide how much time you want to spend on each website.

Final Thoughts

This article is helpful for you to find out the best google chrome extensions for personal use. Many great Chrome extensions can help make your life easier. If you're looking for a way to improve your productivity, keep track of your online habits, or just have some fun, there's an extension for you. So be sure to check out some of these great options and see how they can improve your browsing experience.

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