How Does A Managed Service Provider Generate New Business?

A managed service provider (MSP) is the backbone of many businesses, playing a key role in creating value for their customers. They provide companies with essential infrastructure and management services, often taking on customer acquisition, marketing, and technical support tasks. 

managed service provider

The managed service provider is a type of IT support and services company that proactively manages a customer's IT infrastructure and end-user systems. This can also generate new business in a few different ways, and the most common is through word-of-mouth referrals from current satisfied customers. 

It can generate new business through targeted marketing, such as online advertising, PR campaigns, and attending industry events. Businesses choose MSPs because they can deliver services faster and more efficiently than an in-house IT department. In this blog post, we'll explore the ways that a Managed service provider generates new business.

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Why do businesses choose Managed Service Providers?

One of the main reasons businesses choose MSPs is because they can manage all of their IT needs more cost-effectively and efficiently than if they handled them in-house. This is one of the most profitable reasons to use MSPs:

1. Lower Cost: MSPs handle the IT needs of many customers at once. This means that MSPs can spread their IT expertise across multiple customers, thus decreasing costs.

2. More Skill: MSPs' resources enable them to handle a wider variety of customer IT support and service needs, providing better support for each customer.

3. More Scalability: MSPs' resources enable them to handle larger volumes of IT needs. MSPs can also increase their resources and grow their IT support and services infrastructure. 

How to Generate New Business with a Managed Service Provider

Managed service providers can help you identify and capitalize on critical success factors in your business. These factors might include a strong relationship with your customers, increased business frequency, and a solid relationship with them.

1. Improved Project Management

In many businesses, project management is an essential function that helps to control costs and ensure the successful completion of necessary tasks on time. When IT support and services are outsourced to a managed service provider. The MSP can help to improve project management processes and communication, leading to better results for the business.


An MSP can provide several benefits for a business when it comes to project management, including:


  • Improved communication between the business and the MSP, leading to a better understanding of objectives and requirements.


  • Greater transparency and visibility into project progress allow more timely identification of issues and potential problems.


  • Thanks to the MSP's experience and expertise in managing similar projects, a more streamlined and efficient project management process.

2. Develop a Strong Relationship with Your Customers

Your customer relationship is essential to generating new business for your managed service provider. By building a solid relationship with your customers, you'll be able to develop trust and confidence in the products or services you provide. This will ensure that they remain loyal and recommend your services to their friends and family.

3. Increase Your Frequency of Business

If you want to generate more business from your managed service provider, you must increase the frequency of your operations. By increasing the frequency of your business, you'll be able to bring in more revenue and build up a more extensive customer base over time.

4. Reduced Costs On Future Equipment Acquisitions

Managed service providers are currently the most in-demand type of business, but their costs continue to increase. To keep pace with this rapid growth, managed service providers (MSPs) have turned to acquisitions to reduce costs and generate new business. MSPs are now spending more on acquisition than ever before.

One potential reason for this increased focus on acquisition is that the cost of blue-chip technology has continued to drop, making it easier for MSPs to find and purchase high-quality products. Additionally, the investment allows businesses to establish customer relationship management (CRM) systems and other customer data management tools to help manage the company's expanding customer base.

When acquiring new customers, MSPs tend to focus on smaller companies or those with innovative products or services that more prominent players could adopt. This strategy builds relationships with key customers and teaches about their needs.

Tips for Successfully Generating New Business with a Managed Service Provider.

When starting a new business, creativity and uniqueness are essential. Try to come up with ideas that will capture the attention of potential customers and increase your chances of success help. Here are a few tips to help you successfully generate new business with a managed IT support and services provider. 

Use Social Media to Drive Traffic

One way to increase traffic to your website is by using social media. Use platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to post updates about your business, answer questions from customers and connect with other entrepreneurs. In addition, consider using websites like BuzzSumo or Compete to find similar businesses in your industry and post a competitive review for free.

Use Technology to Improve Your Processes

Another way to improve your process is through technology. Use tools such as e-mail marketing or chatbots to reach more customers on the go or in remote locations. As you continue developing your business, remember that technology can help you streamline processes and improve efficiency while reducing costs.

Get Ahead of the Competition

If you want to be successful in your business, you must stay ahead of the competition. By being innovative and using technology to improve your process, you'll be able to generate more business than your competitors. Try to keep up with their changes and ensure that your products and services are up-to-date to stay ahead of the curve.



A managed service provider can be a great way to generate new business. By joining an affiliate program and developing a solid relationship with your customers, you can increase your frequency of business. Additionally, using technology to improve your processes and get ahead of the competition can help you succeed.

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